11.5ft Native Rainbow Thuinderbird
11.5ft Native Rainbow Thunderbird
11.5ft Rainbow Thunderbird
11.5ft Rainbow Thunderbird

11.5ft Thunderbird

11.5ft Native Rainbow Thunderbird Kite by Premier Kites - $72.95 Plus $15.00 shipping length surcharge.
The 11.5ft wingspan Thunderbird is a majestic and stable flier. This new offering from Premier Kites has a robust Fiberglass frame with high quality applique sail. The Thunderbird is reminiscent of earlier classic bird kite designs and has great sky presence. Easy to assemble, complete with "Starter Line" and twin streamer tails. Packs to 44 inches long, or leave partially assembled and stow in extendable carry-case.
Size: 140" wingspan x 81"
Material: Rip-Stop Polyester & Fiberglass.
Skill Level: Novice - Expert
Wind Range: 6 - 16 mph
Flying Line: 200ft x 130lbs on Handle Winder "Starter Line" included.