Patriotic Turbine
Patriotic Spinsock
16ft Patriotic Turbine
16ft Patriotic Spinsock

Stars & Stripes Turbine

16ft Turbine by Premier Kites - $147.95
The amazing Turbine is a completely soft wind propelled rotating tube. This Patriotic example has Red, White & Blue panels. White stars are Die-Sub printed on the Blue sections for a great visual effect. Attached to the line of a medium to large kite, ( kite not include ), it opens in the wind to form the gradually tapering tube shape with spiralling tails. Needs a 12ft Delta, Large Power Sled or similar sized kite to lift it. As Turbines can add drag, they are not suitable for small kites. Remember to account for the extra pull from a Turbine when choosing flying line.
Size: 4ft diameter - 16ft long
Material: Polyester.
Skill Level: Beginner - Expert
Wind Range: 5 - 20 mph