Parafoil 7.5
Parafoil 7.5

Parafoil 7.5

Parafoil 7.5 by Premier Kites - $ n/a
The Parafoil is a completely soft kite ( no sticks ) that is inflated by the wind into an aerofoil shape like an aeroplane wing. Each kite comes in a Nylon carry-case complete with 500 feet of 90lbs test Flying Line and multi-strand tail. As well as fun fliers, these kites are great for back-packers and boaters as they are easy to stow, easy to launch and make a terrific position marker. They make good kite-sails for kayaks too. Packs down into 8"x6"x2" Nylon carry-case.
Size: 28" wide x 38"
Material: Rip-Stop Nylon
Skill Level: Beginner - Expert
Wind Range: 4 - 26 mph
Flying Line: 90lbs included