Bulldog Stunt Kite

Bulldog Power Stunt Kite

Bulldog 2-Line Power Stunt Kite by Into The Wind - $ n/a
Convert your Bulldog to a KiteBoarding Trainer with a Control Bar
2-Line Cotrol Bar     Add 21" Control Bar . . . . $29.95
This sturdy 21", soft touch grip, 2-Line Control Bar can be used instead of Flight Straps. Instructions for easy Flying Line set up included. Enables control bar flying as a KiteBoarding Trainer.
The 84" wingspan Bulldog, by Into The Wind, packs a good punch for a recreational "soft" 2-Line ram-air aerofoil. The partially closed Leading Edge decreases air resistance and drag, resulting in faster flying speed. Packs into a durable carry-case with flying lines and padded flight straps.
Size: 84" wingspan
Material: Rip-Stop Nylon.
Skill Level: Beginner - Expert
Wind Range: 5 - 25 mph
Flying Line: included