Symphony 2.2
Symphony 2.2
Symphony Pack

Symphony Pro Power Stunt Kite

Symphony Pro 2-Line Power Stunt Kite by HQ Kites
2.2 - $ n/a
Convert your Symphony Pro to a KiteBoarding Trainer with a Control Bar
2-Line Control Bar     Add 21" Control Bar . . . . $29.95
This sturdy 21", soft touch grip, 2-Line Control Bar can be used instead of Flight Straps. Instructions for easy Flying Line set up included. Enables control bar flying as a KiteBoarding Trainer.
The Symphony Pro kite series is designed for all skill levels. Easy two-line control with the emphasis on fun flying. These ram-air aerofoil kites are fast, very maneuverable and can be quite powerful as the wind speed increases. Also, the larger the kite, the more it will pull. Precise construction from Rip-Stop Nylon to HQ Inventos' usual high standards ensures top performance and durability. Everything fits into a rugged Hip Carry-Pack which makes for a great stunt kite for traveling. The Symphony is all about speed and power and as the wind picks up, will deliver a thrilling flight experience.
Sizes: 1.8 71" wingspan - 2.2 87" wingspan - 2.5 98" wingspan
Material: Rip-Stop Polyester.
Skill Level: Beginner - Expert
Wind Range: 4 - 30 mph
Flying Line: included