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Kite Buggying  
Harness the power of Traction Kites for the exciting sport of Kite Buggying. Use the power of the wind, just like on a sail boat or land yacht, for an exhilarating ride. These rugged 3 wheelers have many useful features. See Quad Line Power Kites for Kite Buggying. Just call us and we can put a package together for you. Add items to your shopping cart from this page.

Kite Buggying is an exciting sport which does require kite flying experience and proper safety precautions.

Peter Lynn Rally Kite Buggy

Rally Buggy Details

Peter Lynn Rally Buggy

Key features:
A - Tough seat with adjustable loop attachment
B - Round profile 3 inch wide
all purpose tyres.
C - Clip-in footrests.
D - Adjustable downtube to accommodate rider height.
E - Wrap around seat for lateral stability with back pad.
F - Padded side rails.
- Easy dis-assembly for transport.

Peter Lynn Rally Kite Buggy

Frame :
Rear Axle width :
Weight :
Wheel Diameter :
Tread Width :

: Galvanized Powder
  Coated Steel
: 43" / 111cm
: 34lbs
: 16"
: 3"

   Peter Lynn Rally Kite Buggy

Peter Lynn Buggy Model

Peter Lynn Rally Buggy - Powder Coated Frame . . $648.95  
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