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Cobra Kites does design work and custom projects ranging from large one-off pieces to runs of unique kites. We have designed and made large inflatables as well as kites purely for display. We encourage you to contact us by telephone (732 270-2112) or e-mail to inquire about your project.

We are able to produce unique kite projects in-house as well as create designs from initial concept. Projects range from single large kites and inflatables, design for third party large run production, gallery quality show pieces, kites for advertising, custom kites for discerning kite fliers, special purpose kites and more.

Custom UltraFoil 60 with "Diver Down" flag sewn into the bottom skin of the sail. Customer commission. Custom UltraFoils can be made in many sizes and color variations. Contact us for pricing and delivery.

Vertical Archimedes Screw rotating spinners. Used on stage as a backdrop for musical performance. Shown in an outside setting driven by the wind, these are to be fan driven when used inside. Rip-Stop Nylon with Fiberglas and Carbon Fiber framing.

Giant 6ft diameter shampoo bottle "Line Laundry" for promotion to be flown below a customized Power Sled 81.

Giant 6ft diameter shampoo bottle "Line Laundry" for promotion test flown on the line below a custom UltraFoil 60.

Custom 11ft wingspan Ghost Delta with applique logo and colored tail tips. Corporate kite for outdoor event.

Giant 20ft long Squid "Line Laundry". Smaller version of the 30ft long size in the image at top left of this page. Created after designing a production 11ft long size Squid for prominent kite manufacturer.

Custom 11ft wingspan Ghost Delta with applique logo and colored tail tips. Corporate kite for outdoor event.

Custom UltraFoil 15 using client provided die sublimated fabric in construction.

Spider "Line Laundry" designed for production by prominent kite manufacturer.

11ft Squid "Line Laundry" in Red, White & Blue color scheme. Custom made in house.

Custom 11ft wingspan Ghost Delta with applique logo and colored tail tips. Corporate kite for outdoor event.

Series of Diamond Kites made from clients Upholstery fabric to display new season range in interior settings. Not intended to fly, these kites needed to look realistic in several display case settings.

UltraFoil 30 sq.ft & 15 sq.ft. kites for prominent kite manufacturer. Designed, prototype tested, pre-production samples and production sequence and patterns created for large run manufacture.

Series of Butterfly kites created for an artist from specially printed US currency fabric. Initially required only for art gallery quality display. Framing and realization of three dimensional pieces from flat drawn concept. The kites we subsequently required to fly for an outdoor performance.

Large gallery quality kite, approximately 20 feet high created for an artist from a drawn concept and specially prited fabric. Artist idea realized into an art gallery display piece which was subsequently engineered to fly. Flown in a New York city location by Cobra Kites for a specific outdoor performance.

Production kite customized to give a unique graphic look. Existing kites can often be customized to create a visual one-off example.

Compact auto Kite Aerial Photograhy (KAP) rig for GoPro camera. Simple solution to loft a GoPro camera on a kite with Picavet suspension system and automatic continuous stepped 360 degree rotation.

Specific size UtraFoil kites made from Icarex fabric for NASA project.

Rotating "Line Laundry" project. Design adopted by prominent kite manufacturer for production in three sizes.

Test flight of UltraFoil 60 for individual customer.

Previous projects designed by Cobra Kites, all large scale manufacture products. The FlexiFoil Power Kite. Skytiger Quad Line Traction Kites. The Scorpion 2-Line framed Stunt Kite. The SpeedFoil RM Series 2-Line Power Stunt Kite.

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