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FLEXIFOIL POWER KITES - Fast, powerful and exiting two-line sport kites.
All Flexifoils are precision made from tough rip-stop Nylon fabric and have a single glass or carbon fibre leading edge spar.
Since January 2000, the Stacker 6, ProTeam 8 and Super 10 have only been produced in the branded version. All unbranded Flexifoils are now out of production.
We have kept the pages active for the older kites for historical interest.


Stacker 6
out of production
Splitz 6
out of production
ProSpeed 6+
out of production
Branded Flexifoils Stacker 6 Splitz 6 ProSpeed 6+
ProTeam 8
out of production
Super 10
out of production
Hyper 12
out of production
Hot Shot 4
out of production
ProTeam 8 Super 10 Hyper 12 Hot Shot 4
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History Parts R/C Windbag Tuning Tips

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