15ft JUMBO DELTA with TAILS . . . $332.95

15ft Jumbo Delta
Shown with detachable twin tails.

Size: 181" x 91" - Over 30ft Tails
Material: Rip-Stop Nylon with Carbon Fibre Frame
Skill Level: Experienced - Expert
Flying Line: not included. 500lbs recommended.

This giant 15ft wingspan Jumbo Delta by HQ Invento is not only a striking kite, it's a stable laundry lifter too. Like all Delta kites, it is easy to assembly and fly, with no bridle to adjust. The included twin flowing tails are attached with Velcro and so can be removed for light wind flying. This is a strong pulling kite for experienced kite flyers.

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Wind range guide for 15ft Jumbo Delta

0 - 5 MPH
5 - 10 MPH
10 - 15 MPH
15 - 20 MPH
20 - 25 MPH
25 - 30 MPH