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Single Line Kites 
Browse our wide range of single line kites. From traditional Diamond kites to exotic Aerial Creations. Select from simple beginner kites through designer kites for specific winds. Add items to your shopping cart from any product detail pages.

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Delta Kites

Simple to assemble and great fliers in low to medium winds. Larger sizes are excellent "line laundry" lifters and can support long tubes tails from wing tips and spine.
Stars & Stripes
Stars & Stripes

Classic single line kites with a patriotic theme. Striking Red White and Blue graphics look majestic against any Blue sky.
Specialty Kites
Figurative Kites

Unusual and eye-catching kites that are sure to raise a "Wow!" whenever they're airborne.
Easy Fly Delta
Easy Fly Delta Kites

Flambouyant designs with long flowing tails. Easy Fly Deltas are stable and easy to assemble.
Parafoils and Sleds
Parafoil & Sled Kites

"Soft" Sleds and aerofoil shaped Parafoils have no spars. Small fun fliers, convenient aerial position markers, alternative kayak power and heavy lifters.

   Single Line Kites - select a catagory

Box and Cellular
Box & Cellular Kites

Three dimensional kites that fly well in medium winds. Usually very stable and often fascinating shapes. Make great colorful indoor decoration as well as eye catching high fliers.
Line Laundry
Kite Line Laundry

Tails, Spinners, Drogues and wonderful sky decoration that will add color to any airborne show. These eye catching accessories can be attached directly to kites or on the flying line.
Diamond Kites

The classic kite shape. Everyones notion of what a kite is. Easily assembled and fun to fly with or without a tail. The Daimond is traditionally flown with a bow tail.
Rokkaku Kites

Based on traditional Japanese kites originally used for aerial kite battles. Stable and colorful with good lift for line laundry.
Serpent & Dragon Kites

The long graceful flowing tails of Serpent and Dragon kites make a great visual impact. A traditional design with variations on a the basic head and tail layout.

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