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The wild Winter KiteSport.


SnowKiting is an exciting sport which does require kite flying experience and proper safety precautions.
Seek professional advice before attempting any kite traction activity.

Snow & Ice Kiting

This fast growing Winter Sport is easy to learn and thrilling fun! SnowKite anywhere there's snow and wind, or take to the "Hard Water" for high speed action. From the mountains, with frozen waves and rugged terrain, to the wide open flatlands, with either a pair of skis or a snowboard and a Snowkite, ski lifts are a thing of the past. SnowRide the backcountry or the local park. Start with entry level kites like the Tensor then progress to De-Powerable versions like the HQ Apex III and larger Freestyle kites for the ultimate SnowRide.
Using the natural power of the wind, a SnowKite and a pair of skis can take you deep into the untouched powder, that only heli-skiers and ski tourers could reach before. Even a flat field can be a playground with a kite and snow!
Wind power is one of life's few free rides and already SnowKiting enthusiasts have achieved incredible things. From a ground breaking unsupported journey to the North Pole and back, to huge kite powered adventures through Alaska, the world of winter sports is embracing this fantastic sport. Use either Snow Skis or a Snowboard with a Quad Line Traction Kite for best performance on snow or ice. We do not recommend ice skates as they will not give enough sideways "slip" and bite too hard into the ice. The amount of edge available with snow skis enables the necessary lateral resistance for travelling across the wind as well as getting upwind. A Snowboard allows for more creative tricks and is closer to Kite Landboarding and KiteBoarding on water. Control Handles will give the maximum command over the kite while De-Power Bar systems may offer easier flight with a degree of throttle control. For Control Bar De-Power systems to work it is necessary to use a harness which connects the flier to the kite. The "sheeting" control over the angle of attack of the kite effectively reduces or increases speed and power in various wind conditions. There is no substitute however for traction kite flying experience before progressing to skis or snowboard.

Ultimate SnowKiting

Most people can learn to Snowkite within one day, with many learning to go upwind as well as downwind. After a few days of practicing your kite-flying skills, you will be ready to ride up hill using the kite to pull you.
What do I need to get started?
First you'll need a Powerkite, something between a 2-5 meter size is a good place to start. Next, take any snowboard or skiis that you have or can find. Twin-tips work best, but start with what you're comfortable with, because anything will work. The last piece of equipment is a windsurf or kitesurf style harness, used for hooking into the kites power and resting your arms.
Skiís or snowboard?
Choose whichever equipment you are more comfortable on. Skis offer the advantage of being able to walk around, letting you walk back to launch your kite. Snowboards offer simplicity for someone who has never been on snow before, or is crossing over from kitesurfing.
Where do I go?
Any snow covered area will work. Make sure there are no hidden obstacles below the surface! Grassy parks are nice, but any farm field or frozen lake will work. The ultimate areas are mountain ridge tops, which are above the tree line, providing open riding terrain and consistent winds.
Is it easy to learn? Yes, Snowkiting is the easiest form of Powerkiting to master. Most students can grasp all of the skills easily, since the snow allows you to start riding with small more easily controlled kites.
How long can I ride for?
For as long as the wind blows! Riders have been out non-stop for hours, coming in only to rest and replenish. The beauty of Snowkiting is being in control, going where you want to head and exploring the world from a new point of view.
Are there many people snowkiting?
There are people Snowkiting in nearly every snow covered country around the world. There is a World Championship competition that links the US with European riders and showcases leading Freestyle developments.

Ultimate SnowKiting

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