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Spare Parts
We try to maintain a range of parts to support current kites we stock. If we are not able to help you with parts, we will do our best to re-direct you to a possible source. Accidental damage to fabric sails is best repaired professionally. Check with Cobra Kites for repair analysis and cost estimate.

We currently show only Flexifoil Power Kite spare spars and parts for on-line purchase using our Shopping Cart. Go to the Flexifoil Power Kites page for details. Parts for these kites are also suitable for the SpeedFoil RM Series.

To check availablity of parts for specific kites either call 732 270-2112, or e-mail us at If we can't help, we'll try to re-direct you to someone who can.

See our Accessories page for replacement Flying Lines. Go to our Tails & Line Laundry page for a selection of these items for Single Line Kites.

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