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Recent Additions at Cobra Kites
Recent Additions at Cobra Kites 
A quick reference for recent additions and updates to our Web Site. These links will direct you to pages which have been updated or have new products added. Scrolling down the linked page may be necessary to locate the recent addition or change.

Super Spider - 36" Daimeter x 6ft long inflated Line Laundry.

Lizard Sand Anchors - 5ft long Sandimal kite anchors.

11ft wingspan Delta - George Peters Moth Delta.

3 x Spikey Balls - 6ft long sets of 3. Rainbow or Patriotic Line Laundry.

Giant Dolphin - 13ft long, single point attachment Line Laundry.

LED Kite Tails - 6ft long in Rainbow or White.

Revolution Reflex EXP - new version of the classic Quad Line.

30ft Octopus - 8ft wide x 33ft long super line laundry.

Jelloctopus - 10ft wide x 50ft long sky pleaser.

Custom 22ft Squid - one-of-a-kind colorway made by Ray Merry

11ft Squid - 2 new colors available of our line laundry.

Mega Parrot - 16ft wingspan Mega Great Green Macaw.

Wind Wheel - 2 colorways of this mezmerizing line laundry.

Widow NG Special - Patriotic theme big wing Sunt Kite from Jon Trennepohl.

21ft Skeleton - Huge dancing skeleton kite from Premier Kites.

Kite Buggy - New Peter Lynn Rally Kite Buggy.

Bora 5 - ParaFoil kite from Prism with flowing Tail.

Speedy Winders - Kite Line Reels.

Design & Custom Kites - Custom projects and design work.

20ft Tube Tail - Red, White & Blue Tail with Stars.

Wind Turbine 500 - 16.5ft long SpinSock.

32ft Banner Tail - Available in Rainbow and Red, White & Blue.

Soaring Bird - Graceful high aspect ratio bird.

Vision Swift - Latest version of the popular Vision 2-Line Stunt Kite.

Fighter Jet - Patriotic airpane kite with streamer tails.

Boreals Diamond - High quality 65 inch Diamond from Premier Kites.

3D Parrot - 7ft wingspan Parrot & Eagle.

Paper Airplane - Unique Delta back in stock.

LED Delta Special - 10% limited time holiday discount.

Killip Foil 90 - 90 sq. ft. super lifter with majestic flowing tail.

Bouncing Buddy Cows - Great Ground Display Bovines from HQ.

Kite Train - Robert Brasington 6 kite train by Into The Wind.

Tantrum - New 2-Line Power Stunt Kite with Control Bar from Prism.

Synapse - New 2-Line Power Stunt Kite from Prism.

Beamer Mk6 - Latest version of this excellent Power Quad-Liner from HQ.

Custom Roller - HQ Roller with unique applique customized design by Cobra Kites

HQ Ion - New 2-Line with cool Graphite weave motif fabric.

Prism Isotope - New version of the French Military with flowing tail.

Rush Pro Mk5 - Latest version of this 3-Line Trainer.

StarFlake - 69" diameter cellular Kathy Goodwind classic.

12ft Patriotic Grinder - New Red, White & Blue Grinder Spinsock.

50ft Rainbow Tube Tail - New longer length.

9ft Levitation Delta - New colorway for this great Delta.

Flexifoil 2-Line Buzz - Great discount prices on limited stock.

9ft LED Delta Special - Limited time offer on "Galactic".

Squid & Stars - 11ft Squid & 3 sizes of Spinning Stars now in stock.

Baby Seal - Inflated Line Laundry.

Big Red Dragon - Fabulous Line Laundry by Joachim Nellissen.

Star Orb - Inflated Line Laundry by Willie Koch.

Compact GoPro AutoKAP rig - Automatic Kite Aerial Photography system for GoPro.

8ft LED Night Kite - 48 LED Delta in 3 light patterns.

AutoKAP rig - Automatic Kite Aerial Photography system for point-and-shoot cameras.

Whirligig Spinners - A new approach to an old favorite from Premier.

6.5ft Delta Conyne - Red, White & Black colorway.

Symphony Pro - 2-Line Power Stunt Kite.

7ft Dolphin - Happy flying dolphin.

Squid - Super 11ft long creature from the deep Line Laundry

10ft Double DC - Larger variant of Into The Winds' Rocky maountain DC.

UltraFoil 30 - New larger higher aspect ratio soft single line.

Line Popper - Flying Line Climber.

Pickles - New color of 8ft Kitten Line Laundry.

Limbo 3 Stack - 2-Line Triple Stack Stunt Kite.

Quickstep II - 2-Line entry-level Stunt Kite.

Montana mk8 - New version De-Power Traction Kite.

Apex mk4 - New version De-Power Traction Kite.

SunDog - Recreational 4-Line Power Stunt Kite.

Symphony - 2-Line Power Stunt Kites 10% Holiday Discount.

Widow NG - 2-Line super trick kite. Bargain Special.

RadSail 2.0 - 2-Line Trainer Holiday Special pricing.

LED Deltas - All patterns back in stock.

Revolution Quad-Line - New Revolution EXP color

Spectre - Low Wind 2-Line Stunt Kite.

Hydra MkII 420 - Water relaunchable 3-Line. New larger size.

Nifty Clip-on Flashing LED Lights - Kite accessory for night flying.

UltraFoil 9 & 15 - New single line sparless kite.

Kitten - 8ft wind inflated line laundry.

LED Deltas - New sequence available.

Pretty Bird - Colorful single line bird kite.

Giant Bald Eagle - 3 Dimensional 9.5ft wingspan single line bird kite.

7.5" ReelFast Winder - Axial Kite Line Winder. Empty, or with 50lbs or 80lbs Line.

Revolution Travel - Quad Line that packs into a 19.5" travel case.

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