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Rainbow Ripple 78 inch Rokkaku  
The Rokkaku ( pronounced "roke-cock-coo" ) is a traditional Japanese design flown in its native country in aerial kite battles. Teams of opponents try to knock or cut each other out of the sky to claim victory. Though this exciting airborne scrap is often a popular event at kite festivals everywhere, the Rokkaku is an excellent stable flier as well. Add items to your shopping cart from this page.

78 inch Rokkaku
78" High x 63" Wide. Superbly crafted Rip-Stop Nylon with vivid applique designs. Carbon Fiber Frame with Velcro spine tensioner adds to the high quality of these handsome kites. Very stable in winds from 4 mph to 20 mph. Recommended flying line 150lbs not included.
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Rainbow Ripple


   78" Rokkaku

78" Rokkaku Design
78" Rokkaku . . . $126.95 
(Flying line NOT INCLUDED)

Add Flying Line
150lbs x 500ft . . $24.95

114 inch Rokkaku
Eagle of Paradox Rokkaku Kite
94" wide x 114" high Rip-Stop Nylon with Carbon & Glass Fiber Spars. At 9.5 feet tall, this huge, well made, wonderfully appliqued kite, utilizes modern materials to give a stable flier in winds from 5 mph to 20 mph. It has good lifting ability for line laundry. 250lbs Flying Line suggested.
66inch Rokkaku with Tail
The Rokkaku is known for its' stability without a tail and the Eagle of Paradox is no exception. As usual with Rokkakus, Upper and Lower Bow Strings are adjustable for different wind conditions. This kite is a shining example of design from the late Reza Ragheb, produced by Premier Kites.
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   Reza 114" Eagle of Paradox Rokkaku

Eagle of Paradox Color
114" Reza Eagle of Paradox Rokkaku . . . . . $349.95 


Add Flying Line 250lbs x 500ft on Plastic YoYo Winder . . . $39.95

56 inch Rokkaku
Rip-Stop Nylon with Glass Fiber Spars. Great applique designs reflect the high degree of workmanship incorporated in these traditional kites. Easy and stable fliers in winds from 5 mph to 20 mph. Complete with Flying Line.
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56" Rainbow Orbit

   56" Rokkaku

56" Design
56" Rokkaku with Line . . . $54.95 


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