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Out of production. No longer available.
The Flexifoil Splitz is identical to the Stacker except for its dynamic angular color pattern. It performs just like the Stacker and can be easily stacked as well as flown with the Ultraflex Spar. The best size for your first Flexifoil.
>> out of production <<
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Flexifoil Splitz 6 Colors - Chikara Nylon (With Standard Spar)
Splitz 6 Colors
Colors are Top/Bottom Left / Top/Bottom Right
- 11 Black/Pink 22 Black/Orange 32 Black/Yellow -
- 42 Black/Green 50 Black/Blue 52 Black/Aqua -
- - - - -
- - - - -
Colors may vary from those shown due to display capabilities.
Custom colors available at extra cost. Details on request.
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Flexifoil Splitz 6 Technical Data
Span Sail Spar/Std. Spar/Ultraflex Aspect Ratio Line Wind Skill
70 inches Chikara Nylon 2part GRP 3part GRP/Carbon 2.9:1 80-150lbs 8mph + Novice/Expert
Flexifoil Expanatory Drawing
The Flexifoil Splitz is precision made from tough Rip-Stop Nylon fabric and includes the Standard 2 part multi-tapered Fibre-glass Spar for most wind conditions. A 3 part Fibre-glass and Carbon-fibre Ultraflex Spar is available as a seperate accessory for low wind flying. Flexifoils work like aeroplane wings and are very efficient. Air speed can reach over 100 MPH! As these kites set their own angle of attack relative to the wind speed, there are no bridle adjustments to make. This means that Flexifoils are very easy to stack one behind the other.
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