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Video Tapes
These video clips can be downloaded, or opened directly depending on your browsers capabilities and internet connection. They have been formatted to play in a 160x120 pixel window. Click on either MPEG or AVI to view.

SKYTIGER - 8 minutes
Kite traction action on the beach and in the high desert. Cruise across dry lakes and experience the new sport of kite buggying.

POWER TRIP - 18 minutes
Kite traction in Senegal. Lots of Buggy shots and KiteSurfing a plenty! Follow the intrepid Flexifoil crew on this African "powertrip".

MPEG - 1.0MB
AVI - 1.8MB
MPEG - 1.0MB
AVI - 1.7MB

TRICKY FLICKERY - 28 minutes
Tricks with music and frame accurate split screens. Many locations and tips from some of Europes most radical flyers.

STRANGER - 22 minutes
Innovative freestyle video with the Stranger center stage. This tape is included free with every Stranger kite.

MPEG - 1.0MB
AVI - 2.4MB
MPEG - 1.0MB
AVI - 1.9MB

LEVEL 7 - 15 minutes
Primarily an instructional video. Adjustments and features of the Stranger Level 7 with Andy Preston "On the handles".

PSYCHO - 18 minutes
Fast and furious fun with matching visuals and soundtrack. Water flying and tricks galore! This tape is included free with every Psycho kite.

MPEG - 0.9MB
AVI - 1.3MB
MPEG - 1.2MB
AVI - 1.5MB

A fast paced montage of Flexifoil Power Kites showing stacks, kite buggying and the dynamic power of these unique aerofoil kites.

MPEG - 0.7MB
AVI - 1.7MB

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