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Please pay attention to the warnings and recommendations that accompany the products we sell.

Whatever kites you fly; Never fly them near power lines, airports, roads or railways or in storms. Choose a large flying area and do not fly if people enter it. Please remember, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SAFE OPERATION OF YOUR KITE. All Quad-Line Traction Kites like Skytigers, Blades and Bullets as well as Dual-Line Power Foil type Kites flown in stacks produce considerable pull and are not suitable for inexperienced flyers or persons under 16 years old. These kites are strictly intended for recreational ground use and are NOT parachutes or paragliders. Always fly within your capabilities and only in winds you are confident in. Never attach yourself to these kites as serious injury may result.

Kite Traction and all related activities, flying and moving with kites, carry a significant risk of personal injury or death. It is the responsibility of each and every individual who chooses to participate in the activities of Kite Traction on land, snow or water to be trained and be familiar with the dangers and risks associated with such activities. All individuals who choose to participate in the activities of Kite Traction are also responsible for inspecting all gear and equipment before, during and after each activity. When defects, wear or damage are evident on any safety item or you equipment, it is the responsibility of the flyer and/or user not to use the defected, worn or damaged item and discard it. Safety items are considered all items which are used while Traction Kiting, including, but not limited to, a protective helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, personal floatation devices and sturdy shoes. Your equipment includes, but is not limited to, kites, kite bridles, flying lines including control handles or bar and means of moving. For example, kite buggy, kiteboard or snow skis. The location should be familiar and free from danger or obstacles, including but not limited to, people, power lines, road and air traffic. Each and every individual who chooses to participate in the activity of Kite Traction and Kiteboarding is personally assuming all the risks of injury or death which may result from such activities and the responsibility of doing so in a safe and intelligent manner. Always wear appropriate safety equipment and seek advice from us before attempting any of the activities shown on this Web Site.

Kite Buggying and Kiteboarding, as featured on this site, are two of a number of 'advanced' powerkiting activities which can be dangerous. These activities should be attempted only when you have become an experienced power kite flyer and are not suitable for small children.

Always use the appropriate safety equipment (helmets, gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, sturdy shoes, personal floatation devices, etc.) and seek advice from Cobra Kites. All instructions and warnings accompanying products we sell must be strictly observed.

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